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Members Please Note!
  Part of our Code of Ethics states that "no member shall apply for a position, appear to be soliciting a position, engage in discussion about possible employment or attempt to place a student or colleague in a position until the incumbent has resigned or been officially notified of termination by the institution.  No member may seek employment or attempt to place a student or colleague in a position which, in the determination of the National Council, has been made vacant by the wrongful termination of another member of the American Guild of Organists."  Therefore it is highly recommended that you check with the incumbent in a church prior to applying for a position and that you have a written contract upon accepting a position. 

Should you need assistance in setting up a contract, please contact Professional Development Officer, Helen Kegerreis at (631) 423-0701.

For further information on positions, or if you have an open position you would like to list in the Suffolk AGO monthly newsletter, Suffolk Soundings, contact:  Chris Cusumano, Placement Officer.      The AGO is a not-for-profit educational organization run by volunteers.  Advertising fees help us defray the cost of running the organization.


Note from the Webmaster:

The Suffolk Chapter has discontinued listing open positions on the website.  This change is consistent with AGO National Headquarters' decision to discontinue the public listing of positions on the Headquarters website.

Suffolk AGO's list of open positions is continuously updated and is published monthly in the members' newsletter, Suffolk Soundings, where it reaches a target audience of choral and organ music professionals.


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Lieblich Gedackt pipes, Orchestral Flute, Gamba.  See Home page for source and permission.